nuestrocompr ? TOURISM Every year, thousands of tourists head to destinations that offer the option of enjoying a fantastic holiday, while having the opportunity to receive high-level medical care at a more affordable cost than they would pay in their home countries. What is Medical This is why medical tourism is now a growing health care practice, providing the same quality of medical care as in the most renowned hospitals around the world. Although at the beginning, more than 10 years ago, medical tourism was only oriented towards cosmetic areas such as plastic surgery and dentistry, its field of action has now been extended to most specialties, with procedures of fundamental importance for life such as heart surgery, hip implants, bariatric surgery and spinal surgery, among many others.

nuestrocompr ? AMERIMED Backed by a team of experienced health specialists, Amerimed currently has a network of hospitals in 3 of Mexico's main tourist destinations: Cancun, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, all of which have high-level technology, state-of-the-art facilities and the best medical specialists in the country. Why choose Our hospitals are certified by national and international bodies ensuring adherence to the strictest quality processes in patient care and safety. We offer a comprehensive medical system which includes 24/7 emergency care, as well as permanently available services such as operating theatre, imaging and laboratory.

nuestrocompr Our bilingual staff will always attend to you using the highest standards of medical care and international quality. Need more reasons? EIn Amerimed the most important thing is your health, that is why the cost of the procedures is significantly lower than in other countries such as the United States of America, Canada or Europe; being sometimes up to 70% cheaper and with the security of receiving the best medical attention in first level facilities. The patient can request information and prior assessment just by sending their studies, in this way they will have a budget for the medical procedure. The spectacular beauty, security and infrastructure of the tourism centers where our hospitals are located, makes Amerimed Hospitals a unique option in all of Latin America, that is why we are sure that we are your best option at the moment to choose quality medical care in Mexico.
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